Healthy intestinal mucosa is so important

You probably already know: healthy intestines are the basis for your health. Many complaints originate in unhealthy intestines. A healthy digestive system is necessary for a well-functioning intestine – and the associated immune system. In this article we zoom in on the importance of healthy intestinal mucosa.

Orthomolecular nutrition coach talks about the importance of healthy intestinal membranes

Wrong eating habits, infectious diseases, hereditary predisposition, long-term stress, medication and antibiotic treatments, bacterial, fungal and parasitic load can seriously disrupt the intestinal flora and the immune system. That's why it's smart to regularly zoom in on how things are going down there in our gut. Is it rumbling? Do you occasionally have stabbing pains? List of flatulence? Who knows, your intestinal mucosa may have been affected.

Your intestinal wall is lined with intestinal mucosa. This has a filter effect. The mucous membrane does not let through substances that are pathogenic to the body. Your intestinal mucosa barrier is therefore very important for your immune system. When the mucous membrane becomes damaged due to poor digestion and/or consumption of too many harmful substances, inflammation can occur. And once the intestinal mucosa is affected, the mucosa becomes porous. In such a case we speak of a leaky gut or leaky gut. In a leaky gut, the mucous membrane loses its function . Toxic substances are then allowed into your body and can cause both physical and mental damage.

What complaints do you notice with affected intestinal mucosa or a leaky gut?

A large number of 'vague' complaints can occur which – the longer the intestine is not in optimal condition – will become more serious. Think of joint problems, fatigue, hair loss, depressed feelings, allergic reactions, skin problems such as acne and eczema, changing bowel movements and more. Do you want to know for sure if you are struggling with a leaky gut? Then have a stool test carried out under the supervision of a specialist.

What are remedies to get the intestinal mucosa back in top condition?

Based on the phase you are in, it is important to make a suitable and personal plan. No intestine is the same! Investigate which foods irritate your intestines (possibly through an intolerance study) and avoid them for a certain period of time. This way you give the intestines space to recover and you know which foods you shouldn't eat. In addition, it is always a good idea to minimize your intake of gluten, lactose, refined sugars, coffee, alcohol and red meat to further promote recovery. Also try to find peace and relaxation. The intestines and mind are one whole, so they directly influence each other. Supplements can greatly support and speed up the process, various studies help you map out your situation and check how the therapy is working.

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