Practical tips for a healthy hormone balance that you can start today!

Hormones are responsible for many processes in our body. Think, for example, of regulating energy level, metabolism, emotions, libido, body temperature, fertility, the functioning of your immune system and so much more. How you feel on a physical and mental level is therefore largely determined by your endocrine system!

The endocrine system is a sensitive system. It is one of the systems that is the first to be heard when there is an imbalance in your body. Complaints that you can experience are fatigue (despite the fact that you sleep enough), mood swings, anxiety, concentration problems, a reduced libido, acne, problems with the mucous membranes (which can manifest itself in vaginal dryness and dry eyes, among other things) problems surrounding pregnancy, hair loss , headaches and more.

Fortunately, you can do a lot yourself to positively influence your endocrine system. A few things you could be working on today:

  • 1. Eat enough and ensure an optimal intake of healthy fats and proteins
  • Your body needs quality and balanced fuel to function. If you eat too little too often, your body will compensate. One of the first systems to become unbalanced is the endocrine system. In addition to sufficient food, quality is extremely important. We often see that too little protein and healthy fats are eaten, these are essential for the production of hormones.

  • 2. Create a healthy biorhythm
  • The hormone balance is extremely sensitive to your biorhythm. What can you do to positively support this? Try to sleep 8 hours a night, go to bed at fixed times and get up at fixed times. Your biorhythm likes peace and regularity. Try to be outside within 90 minutes of sunrise and expose yourself to sunlight, such as taking a morning walk. Minimize exposure to blue light, especially before going to sleep. Avoid eating and exercising later in the evening.

  • 3. Choose the type of exercise that suits your body and health situation.
  • More is not always better! The production of stress hormones takes priority over the production of other hormones. Exercising too often and too intensively can put you in a state of stress, which in turn can cause an imbalance in the hormone system. Of course this also applies to other forms of stress such as mental stress. Without sufficient relaxation and real rest, it becomes very difficult for the body to recover. Walking, yoga nidra, a bath, reading, the sauna, a massage… All great methods to integrate more rest. Ps Don't forget that the way you talk to yourself also has an impact. Word hold power!

  • 4. Keeps your liver healthy
  • The liver plays an essential role in hormone regulation. Among other things, it helps with the breakdown of hormones. Often the liver has a hard time. We ingest many harmful products such as refined foods, alcohol, nicotine, medication, contraception, toxins from plastic and skin care. In addition, the liver also has to process our emotions. For example, relieve the liver by eating pure and unprocessed food as much as possible, eating at least 500 g of vegetables per day, drinking plenty of fluids, and possibly supporting it with specific herbs (only on advice).

  • 5. Bundle your eating and drinking moments as much as possible
  • A stable blood sugar level is essential for a healthy endocrine system. If you have many eating moments, especially when these mainly consist of carbohydrates, this causes many fluctuations in blood sugar. This in turn can, among other things, cause low-grade inflammation. One of the main causes of many health problems, including problems with the hormones. You can tackle this by, for example, focusing on 3 eating moments a day, instead of eating small amounts throughout the day. Also make sure that your meals always contain a combination of carbohydrates, proteins and fats to keep blood sugar levels as stable as possible around meals.

  • 6. Healthy digestion is the basis
  • 'All disease begins in the intestines' wrote Hippocrates – the founder of Western medicine – almost 2500 years ago. Nothing could be further from the truth. The health of the gut largely determines how the rest of the system runs. If nutrients are not absorbed properly in the intestines, hormones cannot be produced properly, inflammation, intolerances and allergies can arise as a result of a leaky gut, and the intestinal flora largely determines how neurotransmitters are produced. These neurotransmitters (the best known are serotonin, dopamine, melatonin and GABA) influence how well you feel, how balanced and stress-resistant you are, how well your intestinal peristalsis works, how well you sleep, how sensitive you are to pain, etc. All these factors affect your hormonal health. Healthy intestines therefore form an essential basis for a healthy endocrine system. Did you know that healthy teeth and a healthy stomach are essential for this?

    Of course, health is a complex subject and in many cases it is advisable to seek professional help.

    In the case of hormonal complaints, we often first start with putting your base in order, working on the above points, among other things. This is often in the form of our Food intolerance pack age plus . If the balance has not yet been restored, we will go further in depth and use more extensive research in the form of our therapeutic process. We then look further at the hormones and certainly also at intestinal health. Do you want more information about this? Then book a non-binding introduction ! During this introduction we will further discuss your situation and our working method.