Personal story: Linda Tol

Linda joined us in 2019. She had a big pregnancy wish, but despite the fact that she and her partner Renwe had been working on this for 3 years, it didn't work out. There were several complaints. In order to regain balance in her system, we started our therapeutic process with Linda. Linda shares her story here to inspire and give confidence to other women.

Last year I shared my story about our miscarriage. After sharing my story, I received many responses. There is still a taboo about talking about your miscarriage. Twenty percent of women experience it. The impact is huge. Only when you dare to talk about it do you notice how many women have gone through the same thing and that you are not alone. It's nice to be able to talk about it. That is why I would like to share our story with you.

We have been trying to conceive for 3 years. After removing my IUD I had no cycle for 1.5 years. Before we entered the hospital process, I decided to seek help from Klaever Health. I had been suffering from my intestines for years. Always a swollen stomach and very little energy. I had a very turbulent life. Always traveling, no regularity (jet lag) and a lot of stress. I was 100% convinced that my intestinal problems and my hormonal imbalance would be related to that.

After an extensive consultation with Stefanie Klaver, I started their therapeutic process. We started with lab tests. An intolerance test via blood to map out which foods trigger my system and thus put an unwanted burden on the system. Research on the most important values: vitamin D, omega 3, B12, folic acid and iron. Research on female hormones and an extensive examination of intestinal health. The investigations showed that everything was wrong. From intestinal infections, parasites to vitamin deficiencies.

I received a therapy plan. For three months I followed a new diet, took supplements and tried to give my body as much rest as possible. It wasn't an easy few months, but I had a clear goal in mind. After those 3 months I did the lab tests again. My intestinal flora had recovered. I felt like a different person. Eating gluten went without pain or abdominal distension. My energy was back. And also I had the feeling that my cycle started again.

I started the hospital program anyway because according to the hospital it was not possible to get my cycle going again without medication. I then started with the Lutrelef pump. Hormone is administered via this pump in regular pulses through a small tube in the subcutaneous fatty tissue. Lutrelef releases a little natural hormone every 90 minutes, so that the woman's own cycle gets going again. This worked very well. I was pregnant after 1.5 months. Unfortunately this went wrong.

The hospital advised to continue with the pump after 2 weeks. However, this was way too fast (my body recognized another pregnancy) The pregnancy hormone only dropped after about 3 months. This caused me to over stimulate. I then decided to stop using the pump. After many tests (weekly ultrasounds and blood tests) it turned out that the hormone value was not high enough, making it impossible for her own cycle to start. The next plan would be FSH injections.

Stefanie Klaver and I were both convinced that my body could do it on its own. I then decided with the hospital to take a few weeks of rest. Drinking a herbal tea from Renwe's mother, taking supplements and a positive attitude changed something in the hormone value. This was shown by the blood test that was taken in the hospital after 3 weeks. Renwe and I were discharged from the hospital. My cycle slowly started again. My period followed that month and the following month I was pregnant.

I want to inspire you to keep believing in yourself by sharing my story. Learn to listen to your body and be kind to yourself.

Linda x

We are very happy that we were able to help Linda. There were some very important factors that we worked on:

  • Optimizing nutrition. A focus on eating enough (!) especially enough proteins and fats plus eliminating foods to which she was intolerant. If you ask a lot of yourself, it is also important to give your body more than enough in return.
  • Normalize stress levels. Linda moved back to the Netherlands and traveled much less for work, started doing a lot of yoga and horseback riding. Essential for a healthy endocrine system!
  • Restoration of the intestines and endocrine system through the above and additional therapeutic supplementation.

Of course everyone is different and we always work personally. In order to give some direction to our trajectories, we also offer (pre) preganancy packages in addition to our therapeutic trajectories. These are very suitable for a pregnancy wish or when you want to get through your pregnancy as well as possible.

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