Vitamin D Package

Vitamin D Package

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Vitamin D has been in the news a lot lately. It is now clear that vitamin D can positively support the immune system. Vitamin D also supports on a mental level and can help to prevent a winter dip. Something that, especially in these gray times of lockdown, can be quite an outcome.

If you get little sunlight and live far from the equator (like we do in the Netherlands), it is wise to supplement with extra vitamin D. But which brand, which form and which dosage? You preferably determine this based on your blood value, so you can provide targeted support and you don't get too little or too much. 💉💊

How? For €49.95 we will send you a test set by post (letterbox package), we will indicate where you can have your blood taken and we will discuss the results plus advice (within 10 days after the blood test) via a short telephone conversation. We indicate which type of vitamin D is best for you and which dose meets your needs.

Of course we also answer any other health questions!

Ps After your order we will contact you by email to determine where you can have your blood taken.