The natural skin care package

The natural skin care package

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Dr. Hauschka product mix:

Liquid Day Cream Dr. Hauschka


Sage Mouthwash Dr. Hauschka


Deodorant Dr. Hauschka Sage mint


Cleansing Milk Dr. Hauschka


Eye Cream Dr. Hauschka


Liquid Day Cream Dr. Hauschka 100 ml

Liquid Day Cream gives the skin a radiant complexion. The light creamy emulsion, based on high-quality plant extracts and oils, stimulates the skin's natural fat and moisture balance and makes it pink and soft. This cream is the ideal care for dry skin during the day. Even tired, dull skin becomes vital and radiantly beautiful again. Clover, witch hazel and carrot revitalize and refresh the skin. Vegetable oils and oil extracts balance the fat balance of the skin.

Sage Mouthwash Dr. Hauschka 300 ml

Mouthwash Sage supports tooth cleaning and gives you the safe feeling of fresh breath. It provides hygiene where your toothbrush and dental floss cannot reach.

  • Firmer and stronger gums
  • Helps prevent inflammation in your oral cavity and stabilizes the oral flora
  • Combination of essential oils, which have an antibacterial effect, and thus provide fresh breath
  • Ready to use

Deodorant Dr. Hauschka Sage mint 50 ml

The idea that we can face the everyday challenges in a relaxed way gives us peace. For our creamy Deodorant we use carefully coordinated ingredients with a mild, deodorizing and caring effect.

Cleansing Milk Dr. Hauschka 145 ml

Cleansing milk removes dirt and make-up from any skin and gently cleanses it. Cleansing milk can be used in the morning and evening as a basic cleansing care for (hyper) sensitive skin. The soft emulsion prepares the skin for the following care steps. Clover, jojoba and almond oil ensure that the natural hydrolipidic layer of the skin is preserved.

Eye Cream Dr. Hauschka 12.5ml11

Eye cream ensures that the skin around the eyes remains particularly supple. The moisturizing cream with its smoothing effect is the ideal addition to the daily skin care program for every skin condition. The sensitive skin around the eyes is particularly vulnerable and wrinkles can easily appear due to a lack of moisture. Rose water, pineapple, marshmallow and marigold refresh, hydrate and provide a calming effect. In particular, the active vegetable oils from avocado, macadamia nuts and sea buckthorn protect the skin around the eyes and ensure that the skin feels relaxed and smooth.