The Health Factory SOS Magnesium Spray 50 ml

The Health Factory SOS Magnesium Spray 50 ml

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The Health Factory SOS Magnesium Spray 50 ml

First aid for cramps, (muscle) pain and tension.

Discover this revolutionary new form of magnesium for your skin. The pure, elemental and ultra-small particles of magnesium easily reach muscles and nerves and nourish body cells.

The SOS spray immediately provides relaxation and relief. Due to the high energy value of the nano magnesium, the spray also has a vitalizing effect on the treated area of ​​the body. The SOS magnesium spray is completely up to date and combines high and fast effectiveness with purity and durability.

The SOS spray:

  • Provides immediate relaxation
  • Works deep into the body
  • Gives energy
  • Absorbs quickly
  • Does not sting or irritate
  • Can even be sprayed in the mouth
  • Contains only pure magnesium and pure water, nothing else
  • Packaged in dark violet glass, which preserves and revitalizes
  • Can be refilled from a larger bottle of nano magnesium.

Compound: Purified water and ultra-fine particles of pure magnesium (70ppm). Nothing else.

Usage: Spray as needed on the affected areas, e.g. painful, stiff or cramped muscles, before and after exercise, in case of nerve complaints, areas with poor blood circulation such as feet.