NOW Betaine HCI 648mg Capsules 120PCS

NOW Betaine HCI 648mg Capsules 120PCS

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NOW Betaine HCI 648mg with 150mg pepsin. Also suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

- Betaine contributes to a normal homocysteine ​​metabolism with a daily intake of 1,500 mg of betaine.
- With 150mg of protease.

1 time daily 1 capsule, preferably just before a meal. Stick to the recommended dosage. Do not take on an empty stomach. 

Do not use if you have a sensitive stomach. Do not exceed recommended daily dose. Consult your health professional, doctor or pharmacist if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking medication or if you are unsure. Keep cool (but not in the refrigerator), dry and out of the reach of young children.