NANO GOLD The Health Factory 1000ml

NANO GOLD The Health Factory 1000ml

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The Health Factory Nano Mineral Water Gold 1000 ML

A mineral water produced according to a unique method, consisting of purified water with 10mg/l (10ppm) ultra-small particles of pure gold.

When gold consists of one atom (mono-atomic), it loses its metallic properties and becomes a superconductor. This was already known to the alchemists. Monoatomic gold occurs naturally in volcanic soils, seawater, and in small amounts in the skin of purple fruits and vegetables, such as red grapes and eggplants.

The nano gold consists of ultra-small particles of pure gold. The smaller the gold particles, the brighter the color and the better it works.

The Health Factory packages its products in high-quality dark violet glass, which only allows infrared and UVA radiation to pass through. As a result, the product has a much longer shelf life.

Application externally

  • Nano gold helps with joint complaints and inflammations (external use).
  • Nano gold is an anti-aging remedy (external use).
  • Nano gold is an excellent reflector and diffuser of a specific kind of electromagnetic radiation in the body cells, called near-infrared. This radiation stimulates the production of collagen. Collagen maintains wrinkle-free skin!
  • Nano gold makes your skin look radiant as it literally generates light for the body and therefore for the skin.
  • Nano gold acts as an anti-oxidant against aging processes of the skin.
  • The nano particles of gold can perfectly penetrate the skin and the product does not contain any harmful substances. So 100% pure.


  • As a precious metal, gold is one of the most precious metals and is not only precious because of its beautiful appearance. Gold is all about light and energy. Nano gold not only works on the physical and mental body, but also on our energy body.
  • In all the high civilizations the earth has known, such as Sumer and ancient Egypt, and in mystical traditions such as Alchemy and Ayurveda, gold was held in high esteem. Even in the bible you will find multiple references to gold.
  • Gold is the oldest dietary supplement in the world and in China gold is known as 'The King of Medicine'.
  • Gold occurs in nature as a pure metal and is also an essential trace element in the human body. It is mainly found in the brain, but also in the eyes and liver, where it is important for detoxification.

Quantity and dosage

  • Drop or spray in pure form as needed on the affected areas, e.g. on the skin of the face, neck or on inflamed joints/tendons.
  • Ask an expert of this webshop what the ideal dosage is for you. Consult your health professional first if you have any health problems, are taking medication or are pregnant.
  • Keep locked up and out of the reach of young children.
  • Shelf life 1 year after opening.