Biotona Premium matcha 80 grams

Biotona Premium matcha 80 grams

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Biotona Bio Premium Matcha is a jade green, refined green tea with a mild and soft "umami" taste from Japan. Made exclusively from young tea leaves, traditionally picked by hand at the beginning of May (the first harvest), after a 4-week overshadowing

Matcha green tea* (Camellia sinensis) (100%) from Japan.
*organic cultivation

One possible option is to drink our tea powders according to the following traditional preparation:

Bring fresh, preferably soft (slightly mineralised) water to the boil. Let the water cool down to about 80°C (e.g. open the kettle, wait 10 minutes or pour the water into another one 4-5 times, because the water cools down each time you pour it over). Put 1 to 2 g of tea powder (2 bamboo spoons or ½ teaspoon; according to your taste) in a small bowl and pour the water (70-100 ml). Beat the tea for about 15 seconds with a bamboo whisk until foamy.

However, this is not the only way to enjoy our tea powders. Drink your Matcha as in Japan pure with ice-cold water or "on the rocks". Furthermore, they have endless possibilities. You can add them to your favorite smoothie or shake, hot drink, or you can use them in ice cream or in pastries or in gourmet dishes and even in spices!

Keep cool, dry and in the dark.