BONUSAN Bacteria 17 Expert Resilience 28 sachets

BONUSAN Bacteria 17 Expert Resilience 28 sachets

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Bonusan Bacteri 17 Expert Resilience sets a new and unprecedented high standard. This expert supplement offers a whopping 17 different strains of bacteria. This makes it the most advanced and most versatile bacterial product.

- Minimum 8 billion viable bacteria guaranteed until end of shelf life
- The broadest spectrum with 17 different bacterial strains
- Sachets optimally protect the bacteria against moisture, light and air and are easy to carry

Bonusan Bacteri 17 Expert Resilience is suitable for:
- Adults and children from 12 years
- People with a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle
- Pregnant and breastfeeding women

Composition per daily dose of 1 sachet
Mix of bacterial strains: Lb. acidophilus LA1, Lb. bulgaricus LB025,
Lb. casei BGP93, Lb. paracasei 101/37, Lb. plantarum 14D,
Lb. reuteri LR92, Lb. rhamnosus LR1, Lb. salivarius LS04,
BB. animalis ssp. lactis Bi1, Bb. bifidum BBF055, Bb. breve Bbr8,
BB. longum SP54, Bb. longum ssp. infantis BI221, E. faecium SF68,
Lc. lactis SP38, P. acidilactici PA09., S. thermophilus ST075

8 x 10⁹ CFU



Maltodextrin, inulin, mix of bacterial strains.

Unless otherwise recommended, mix the contents of one sachet with a glass of water, stir briefly and drink. Preferably on an empty stomach before going to sleep or otherwise drink half an hour before breakfast.

Gas formation or cramps may occur at the start of a supplement with bacterial strains. While this may be uncomfortable, it is perfectly normal and means that the bacteria have reached the gut alive. After a few days to a week, the body adjusts and these symptoms decrease or disappear. It may help to start with a half dose for the first week.

Store dry and closed at room temperature.