Alka Fleece Masks Acid-base in balance 24 pieces

Alka Fleece Masks Acid-base in balance 24 pieces

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Alka® Fleece Masks: complete your basic bath ritual

Our face is exposed daily to unhealthy substances from our environment and our daily cosmetics.
Our skin protects us, through thick and thin, when we are under a lot of stress, against our environment, against cold, against heat, our emotions and much more.

Our skin is our largest excretory organ for the body. As a result, many acidic waste products end up in our skin every day, both from the inside and from the outside. This clogs our pores and acidifies our skin. Skin care is more than just caring for your skin. It is profound care for your whole body, your health, your immune system and your self-confidence. So take good care of this.

Alka® Fleece Masks are made of 100% cotton and are specially designed to cleanse and nourish the face. With purely natural ingredients, Alka® Fleece Masks contain no chemicals or additives. By using it in combination with Alka® Bath you have the perfect basic facial care.

You can make Alka® bath water by dissolving Alka® Bath Salt in lukewarm water. You also need Alka® Bad for this.

How do you use Alka® Fleece Masks?

  1. Open the package with the white sheet mask circle.
  2. Place the fleece mask round in the water with Alka® Bath Salt. The circle now expands into a cotton fleece mask.
  3. Put the sheet mask on your face after it has been expanded by the bath water.
  4. Keep the sheet mask moist with the alkaline water while bathing.
  5. You can remove the mask from your face after about 15 minutes.

In combination with Alka® Bath:

Alka® fleece masks can be used in combination with Alka® Bad. The natural and basic ingredients of Alka® Bath provide the facial skin with valuable minerals.


In combination with Alka® Bad, the fleece masks have a soothing and regenerating effect on red, easily irritated or sensitive skin.

Additional care tip:

Pamper your face after using Alka® Fleece Masks with the delicious, nourishing and basic Alka® Cream.