Mattisson Absolute Chlorella Capsules

Mattisson Absolute Chlorella Capsules

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Nutritional values ​​per 6 vegetarian capsules

Vitamin E 0.85mg 7%*
Thiamine/Vitamin B1 0.04mg 4%*
Riboflavin/Vitamin B2 0.08mg 5%*
Potassium/Potassium 79mg 4%*
Phosphorus 64mg 9%*
Iron 0.51mg 4%*
Buyer 0.08mg 8%*
Beta carotene 1.7mg
lutein 5.6mg
Zeaxanthin 0.5mg

Ingredients :
Algae (Chlorella Sorokiniana) 775 mg per capsule
Other ingredients (excipients): vegetarian capsule.

Chlorella can in exceptional cases cause an allergic reaction.

These Chlorella capsules contain 100% pure European algae (Chlorella sorokiniana). Chlorella is a microscopic unicellular freshwater alga with a bright green color, thanks to the chlorophyll that is abundantly present. Chlorella was discovered in 1890 by the Dutch microbiologist MW Beijerinck. Chlorella is an integral part of the daily diet of millions of people worldwide. These algae fit very well into a vegan and vegetarian lifestyle.

Use and store
Daily 3 x 1-2 capsules. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Keep cool, dry and closed. Keep out of reach of children. A dietary supplement is not a substitute for a varied diet.