The Health Factory ENT nasal spray 15ml

The Health Factory ENT nasal spray 15ml

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Why ENT spray?

  • Silver and zinc are two trusted minerals in The Health Factory's range.

  • Silver has a virus and bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect in the mucous membranes of the nose, throat, eyes, ears and on the skin.

  • Zinc supports the recuperative capacity of the mucous membranes and contributes to good resistance. Zinc also acts as an antihistamine.

  • Due to this combined effect, the ENT spray can be used very widely and the spray also works easily and effectively.

  • The ENT spray contains elemental nano silver and zinc and pure water, nothing else. So 100% pure!


ENT stands for throat, nose and ears and works at:

  • Mouth and throat complaints , such as laryngitis, sore throat and hoarseness and with a cold sore.
  • Nose colds , sinus infections and complaints as a result of hay fever .
  • Ear pain and inflammation.
  • Eye infections , both bacterial and viral in nature, in dry eyes and fiery, swollen eyes due to hay fever.
  • Skin problems , such as (water) warts, herpes and shingles, hives, eczema, psoriasis, etc.

Since ancient times, humans have used silver solutions to fight pathogens and prevent disease. Nevertheless, current European directives force us to state that silver may only be used externally. We would also like to inform you more about zinc. But here too we are limited by European legislation. Let the experts of this webshop inform you before you make your choice.


  • Spray 1-5 times a day or as needed in both nostrils, eyes, ears, throat and on the skin.
  • The ENT spray can be used indefinitely, from birth.
  • Consult your health professional first if you have any health problems, are taking medication or are pregnant.
  • Keep locked up and out of the reach of young children.
  • Can be kept for at least half a year after opening.


Purified water with ultra-fine particles of pure zinc (20 mg/l) and silver (15 mg/l). Nothing else.