NANO GOLD The Health Factory 100ml

NANO GOLD The Health Factory 100ml

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Nano gold (activating)

To be used at:

- depression
- nervous disorders
- joint complaints
- skin aging
- increases dopamine (can be used for depression and lethargy)
- stimulates stimulus transfer
- improves brain function
- inhibits sterile inflammation
- has a regenerating effect on body and mind (repairs DNA and RNA)
- joint complaints
- arthritis
- rheumatism
- tendon and bursitis
- nervous disorders (in combination with nano magnesium) o Skin aging and couperosis
- collagen booster
- anti wrinkle
- refinement of pores

Can also be used with:

- autoimmune disorders
- Alzheimer's (in combination with nano platinum)

Energetically gold works on the heart, it makes the heart happy. Gold supports awareness.


Complaint dose:
slowly build up to max. 30 ml or 3 tbsp./day. (full measuring cup)
Day 1: 1 tablespoon
Day 2 : 2 tbsp
Day 3 : 3 tablespoons (full measuring cup). Keep this dose. *

Gold external:
apply a few drops to the skin of the face, neck or inflamed joints/tendons (with a pipette bottle).

Maintenance dose:
1-3 teaspoons per day or e.g. 2 x per week 1 to 3 tablespoons.

Up to 2 years: a few drops up to 1 teaspoon/5 ml per day
2 to 6 years: 1 tsp/5 ml to 1 tbsp/10 ml per day
6 to 12 years: 1 tbsp/10 ml to 2 tbsp/20 ml per day

* Sensitive people use the child dose of 6-12 years