Kids Immune Booster  Vitaviva  90gummies

Kids Immune Booster Vitaviva 90gummies

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KIDS IMMUNE BOOSTER is a tasty NATURAL vitamin gummy with vitamin C, zinc and elderberry juice made for children aged 2-12 years. The soft gummies are based on natural flavors and natural colors - there are NO artificial additives or sweeteners.

KIDS IMMUNE BOOSTER is with its high level of vitamin C (from elderberry juice and ascorbic acid), formulated to strengthen and boost the child's immune system. Vitamin C plays a very important role in many of the body's essential functions - in particular the body's immune system, the formation of connective tissue, as well as the production of certain hormones and amino acids. We as humans cannot produce Vitamin C ourselves, which means we have to have it through our diet. We typically get vitamin C from vegetables and fruits - especially through citrus fruits and dark green leafy vegetables.